February 6, 2010

Why February is the Worst Month of the Year

No guys, this post has nothing to do with Valentines Day.

I hate February snow.  It's the worst.  You finish up the holidays, celebrate New Years, and odds are get teased by a couple warmer than usual days in January.  You start thinkin', "hey, the worst of winter's almost over," and inevitably your thoughts turn to warmer weather, opening day of trout season, and other more pleasant things.

All is good until...'BAM!'...Mother Nature turns into a vengeful Emeril Lagasse and raises not one, but two middle fingers in your face and drops 2 feet of snow on your head out of spite.  Seems to happen every year, I'm not sure why I'm still surprised or upset by this Mid-Atlantic fact of life.
Last night into this morning we got our latest installment of "F-U Mike" snow.  K.C. measured the accumulated snow on the table on our deck at 18", but some of the snow drifts I just got finished shoveling were over 3 feet.
Yeah, I know I shouldn't complain...I could live in Syracuse, right?


  1. Hey Mike. You have a right to complain. The weather guessers are calling the storm you've just experienced "the perfect storm" and you know what happened to those guys. Guess 18" of snow isn't too bad, although I prefer rain because you don't have to shovel it. I'm sure, before winter is over, we'll have an 18" snow storm here. You can have sympathy for me then, just as I have sympathy for you now.


  2. I DID live in Syracuse - for 10 years. it was BRUTAL. The difference between the big February snows in PA and being in Syracuse - the big ones up there usually come in MARCH! The worst I ever saw was the 3rd week of March, 1991 or 92. Dumped 45" of snow overnite on a Saturday nite!. Know what? Everything was cleared by Sunday nite, no school canceled, nothing - just another lovely day in Syracuse.


  3. It's that global warming (LMAO)!

  4. I know how you feel although I think this year I am fairing better than you.

  5. Thanks for all the empathy guys. All is good today...dug out, sun is melting snow on roof/roads, etc...but expecting another storm on Tuesday/Wednesday. Ugh - make it stop!

  6. here in Indiana the weather forecast said the east coast may see a blizzard and I sure am sorry to see they were right. Feb. is the worst month of the year. Glad it's not me there. wow. please check out my summer photos I'm posting now just for Feb. thanks

  7. Used to live in Pa. myself... "Upper Bucks County"
    Ran accross your blog because of it's name.
    I too am a Trout angler of a different sort. "Speckled Sea Trout" and also have a google blog, but now I'm in Florida.

    I wouldn't wish all that white stuff on anyone. Just hope when you're all shoveled out up there, you folks in the N.E. may consider coming here for warmth and sun.
    And of course some fishing...Trout Fishing.
    My blog is:
    and home page:
    Jacksonville fishing
    Can ya believe I know a guy that lives here and is moving "back" to Buffalo???? I say, "don't let the door hit ya in the (you know what)"

    Great blog ya have. Thanks for the read.

  8. Capt. Dave, thanks for dropping by. I usually get down to Florida at least once or twice a year (albeit the other coast - Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach area). However I do have a friend that lives in Jacksonville, if I can convince him to go out (he's not an angler), we'll be looking you up!