February 10, 2010

The Snow Has Finally Stopped!!!

I'm tired, so no longwinded post.  Totally exhausted, the only reason I'm writing this now is I need to unwind a little bit before I go to bed.

After getting 18" last weekend, we got hit by about another 2 feet today.  Wouldn't have been so bad - got to legally play hooky from work - except the piles of snow were already so high, there was no place to put the new stuff.

Went out shoveling 4 times today.  First at about 7AM...

Then around Noon...

Next around 5PM...

And just wrapped it up at 11PM...

While I was shoveling, I was contemplating moving some of the money I'm saving in my "obnoxiously expensive" fly rod fund into the newly formed "Shoveling f**ing sucks, it's time to buy a snowblower" fund.  But now that I'm inside, warm, and with beer in hand, I'm thinking...nah, what a stupid idea.


  1. Glad to hear you are managing it all up to this point. Hopefully you will get a break come daylight. Sure shouldn't be a lack of water when the thawing begins. That can bring other worries too!

  2. I don't know if the snow blower is a bad idea or not. Although it is a tough decision...
    fly equipment...Snowblower...fly equipment...snowblower????
    I bought my snowblower before I got into fly fishing, therefore I have both. But, a snowblower won't kill your back like a shovel will.


  3. Thanks Mike for adding me to your list. I may have to borrow a couple off of it. Some good ones there. Thanks for the compliment of my photos. Sorry, sorry for all the snow there. I have about 8-10" and 10 above here in Indiana, but you win again. Butch

  4. random read:
    not to bad of a snowfall! we're sitting at nearly 65 inches. the craftsman snowblower is best!

  5. Mike - I gutted it out in Syracuse for 10 without a snowblower, and the first 9 here in Chicagoland. Then, there was a divorce in the neighborhood, and I got a brand new 8-1/2 hp. 2 stage Troy Bilt snowblower for a VERY good price. Now that I'm spoiled by it, I'll never be without it. I don't know how I lived in 'Cuse w/o one.

    Probably because I already had 15 fly rods.