February 13, 2010

Recent Blogroll Additions

I've added a few blogs to my blogroll recently.  If you're passing through this site and like what you see, please consider stopping by these blogs as well...I'm certain you'll find all three both entertaining and informative.

The Trout Zone
A great blog about trout fishing in the mountain streams of eastern Tennessee.  I'm not sure which are better, the fishing reports or the photos.

My Hunting & Fishing
Hunting & fishing in Oregon is the name of the game in this blog.  I was recently drawn in by a post about a drift boat outing for rainbow trout & chinook salmon.

Outdoors With Butch
Butch has a great eye finding beauty of nature, even in unexpected places - and does an outstanding job capturing it with the lens of his camera.


  1. It's always great to highligt other bloggers. Thanks for letting us in on a few new great blogs.

  2. Thanks for the map to some new fishing holes for me to add to my blogroll. Appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Outdoors With Butch - GREAT photos. Already added to my Blog list