February 27, 2010

The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

I took some time and went down to the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow this afternoon.  It was the first year of this show, although there have been somewhat similar shows in Valley Forge and Fort Washington in years past.

I will say something - the organizers did very good job filling the expo hall with vendors.  The place was packed with representatives of all kinds of stuff - equipment manufacturers & retailers, outfitters, lodges, charters, outdoors clubs...you name it.  There was probably a bit of debate on who the headliner was...Bassmaster champ Kevin VanDam signed autographs on Friday night, but I think the true star was Brody the Bear.

Despite all of the stuff there, there wasn't a whole lot that interested me too much.  A lot of it was hunting (which I don't do), and a lot of the fishing tackle on display or for sale was either bass or saltwater.  There was some lighter freshwater gear, but most of it was "garden variety," in otherwords nothing notable to a gear-head like me.

Two booths I did stop by were Wild Water Fly Fishing (based out of NY) and Kennebec Lure Company (based out of ME).

Wild Water Fly Fishing was offering some pretty inexpensive fly rods that without casting them, at least seemed to be pretty nice quality for the price.  One rod in particular called the Wild Country caught my eye.  It's a short (5'-6") 4-piece 3-weight that I thought might be nice for some of the brushy creeks I fish.  Didn't buy one, but am storing that in the back of my mind perhaps for a later date.

Kennebec Lure Company was really one of the only manufacturers of spoons & spinners that I noticed.  The spinners seemed solid, and looked like they'd catch fish.  Of course, I didn't get any wet, but thought they were nice regardless.  Was talking to a gentleman there (don't recall his name), and he mentioned they also offer free shipping on any web orders over $20, so he wasn't in full in-your-face salesman mode, which was also nice.

My trout club, the Stony Creek Anglers also had a booth there.  We were lucky to be near Brody the Bear, so foot traffic was really brisk for the few hours I hung out in the booth.  Most people that stopped by were already familiar with the club and our annual tournament, but I did help give out some maps and fliers to the folks that weren't.  Heck, I even sold a couple of SCA t-shirts & patches, which if you didn't make it to the show, you can find right HERE(Hint Hint)


  1. Thanks for the tour of the show. As shows go, sometimes you get some great deals and sometimes nothing trips your trigger. Sounds like you checked out a couple of good product lines. That little fly rod sounds like just the thing for some bushwhacking.

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  4. Looks like that bear is about to have lunch. Nice blob.