February 22, 2010

FishFreak Online

Troutrageous! was recently approached by FishFreakOnline.com to do a link exchange.  I don't typically do this with retailers I've never shopped with before, so without knowing much about them, I agreed...but only if they answered a few questions for me (& of course my readers) first about who they are, what they do, and most importantly what they like to fish for! My questions were forwarded to Rhonda (one of the owners) and here are her responses:

What is FishFreakOnline and how did it start?
Fishfreakonline is an online fishing tackle store located in West Palm Beach Florida started in Dec of 2007. I've been in the photo business for over 20 years and was looking to get into something new. My husband is an avid fisherman and I could see the potential when he would come home from other tackle shops with 200-300 dollars worth of merchandise at a time.

There are a ton of online fishing retailers, why should I shop with FishFreakOnline?
We are dedicated not to just making sales but to building long term relationships with our customers with good old fashioned customer service.

What are your most popular brands or products?
Right now the hottest lures are the Bomber Badonk-A-Donk lures and Koppers Live Target lures. Most popular rods are the Skeet Reese signature rods.

Does FishFreakOnline specialize in a specific type of fishing?
No, although most of our sales are to bass fishermen

What are FishFreakOnline's thoughts on social media (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc)?
It’s a great tool for new anglers to meet each other and find great tips. We love interacting with our customers on our Facebook and Twitter. It helps us find out what works and what doesn’t so we can offer the best products possible.

I'm assuming you're an angler, what's your favorite species to target?
I really don't have time to fish but my husband Don fishes all the time for largemouth bass and peacock bass here in Florida and usually takes a trip each year to PA for smallmouth bass.

If you could fish any body of water, what would it be and for what?
Don - Brazil for Peacock Bass

Following Rhonda's feedback, I checked out FishFreakOnline in greater detail and did take note of the nice selection of products in their store (especially for bass and saltwater), as well as a complimentary blog that speaks to all sorts of angling techniques in greater detail.

Considering my wife runs her own small business, I'm all for supporting the "small guy."  So if you're like me and not always sold on shopping a "big box" like Bass Pro, Cabela's, or even Wal-Mart, I'd suggest at least checking out FishFreakOnline before you make your next tackle purchase.  The prices appear to be more than competitive, they offer free shipping on most orders over $99 ($149 on rods), and most importantly seem like down to earth, honest folks.

This independent website review is not associated with retailer-supplied payment or free goods.
The only exchange of (intellectual) property was a link, which can be found HERE.


  1. Hey Mike. First, wanted to let you know that I got the tickets, thanks. I also put FishFreakOnline onto my favorites in the fishing shopping category. I'll check them out when I'm in the market for something new. Support the little guy.


  2. I am becoming more and more supportive of the little guy as I grow older. Not that I was ever against them, but the cheap prices at Wal Mart and Bi Mart here in the Great Northwest have been hard to beat. But you sure don't get the same kind of customer service at Wal Mart. Go "little guys"! I will have to check them out some time soon. Thanks for the info.

    Tight Lines!

  3. I've bought from Fishfreak before.
    He had the deal of a century on something like 1400 yards of Suffix braid 30# for $140 bucks!
    I thought it was a typo, but nooo. I got it and am catching "speckled Sea Trout" aka: Specks...and Reds on it still today.
    A fellow blogger, that's why you were contacted I'm sure.

    grew up in Kintnersville Pa. fishing Ralph Stover stater park for trout, myself. Now I fish for Gator Troutz in Fla.
    Jacksonville fishing

  4. Thanks for stopping back Capt. Dave. Glad you had a good experience with FishFreakOnline to verify my post. I got to get into some specks myself someday. As I look out the window at the snowflakes falling, makes me want to look up the price for a ticket to Jacksonville!

  5. Shoreman & nimrod - Thanks for stopping by as well...in today's economy especially, every sale a "little guy" gets, counts.