December 7, 2009

Prince Nymph, not that Prince nymph.

Was looking through my flies the other day and realized I needed some more beadhead Prince Nymphs. They've been my pattern this fall/winter (and thus have lost my fair share). Well, I could tie some of my own...

...but then again, I don't "tie" and don't have a vice or any of the other needed materials. So I guess I'm off to buy some. Lucky for me Albright Fly Fishing launched flies on their website this week, so I can get a pretty good deal. Basically buy 6, get 6 free, or about 80 cents a piece. I already bought a 3/4 click & pawl reel from them earlier this week, what's a few more bucks? It's worth a shot.

And yes, this is pretty much a throw away of a blog post. I haven't gone fishing in a few weeks and am suffering from a mean case of angling writer's block!


  1. Not really a waste of a post. I enjoyed watching the video and really liked the musical background. Who is the singer?

  2. The singer is Stan Rogers.