December 19, 2009

Bought a New Rod

Was buying everyone else Christmas presents last week, why not treat myself?

It's a 7' March Brown Hidden Waters 4-wt Travel Rod. Got a pretty good deal on it after "Dave" contacted me after I filled out a questionnaire on their website.

It breaks down into 7 pieces so you can easily carry it on a plane, stash it in a backpack, etc... Thinking this in combination with my Tenkara rod leaves me little room for excuses when it comes to getting a line wet during future travels. Plus, I'll admit it, I'm a gear junkie. Plain & simple.


  1. Looks like your well on your way to a Merry Christmas. From one tackle junkie to another, "Happy Holidays"!

  2. Gear Junkies Unite!! You can never have too much stuff!!!

    Merry Christmas.


  3. Sweet rod! Nice size for the streams here too! Thats an awesome color seat. Murry Christmus as we say down here.

  4. The first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. Happy Holidays to you guys as well!

  5. Nice rod, I have been thinking of trying fly fishing this year. Any recommendations on a beginners rod.

  6. Rick - Check out for some reasonably priced rods. The problem with a lot of beginners equipment is that you quickly outgrow it and want something else!

    I have an Albright GP (it's the rod in the header pic of this website) and it casts very nice for the price. It's not a toy and definitely worthy of being a backup rod should you want to graduate to something "better" later.

    One thing somebody told me once, is that when picking out a fly outfit, spend most of the money on the rod and line and the least amount on the reel. Unlike other fishing, the reel only really holds the line and unless you are getting into really large fish, the drag is not quite as important.
    70% rod / 20% line / 10% reel is how I would break it down.

  7. Good tips thanks a lot. I will check out the site for sure.