December 26, 2009

Another Christmas in the Books

We had a very interesting Christmas this year.

Let me back up to Sunday the 20th.  Long story short, Lilly fell down some steps at a Christmas party and broke her elbow.  No trips to the ER or anything, but that meant she got an early Christmas present of a pink full-arm cast from Santa this year.  My wife K.C. does an infinitely better job explaning the whole ordeal on her blog then I ever could, so I'll simply drop a link to it HERE.

Other than all of that drama, it was a very low key Christmas.  One of the few big holidays we've done more or less as a solo family unit recently.  Other than a quick drop in by Uncle Andy & Chia and a ride over to my Mom's house, there was no real running around and no hosting of a big family dinner this year...just K.C., Lilly, & I enjoying a relatively quiet Christmas day.

Lilly got so many toys (pug Pillow Pet, three Barbie Dolls, Leap Frog Clickstart computer, among others), I can't even start to list them all.  The most popular (with the adults) was probably the Barbie Tanner dog.  Why?  He eats food on one end, and with a magical wag of his tail poops it out the other.  I'm not's proof:

Not to diminish any of the other presents I received (including a pile of Cabela's & Bass Pro gift cards) I will say I'm very excited about by "big" present from K.C., a waterproof digital camera.  I'm no expert photographer, but I am clumsy, so I'm glad if I want to take some streamside pics I no longer have to worry about getting the camera wet anymore.

Anyway, enough about me.  Here's some more pics of Lilly in her casted, present-opening glory:


  1. Looks like it was a good Christmas. I'm still laughing about that dog though! A waterproof digital camera would be nice, I dunked one myself last year. lol

  2. You've got one tough little girl. Got to love th dog. what will they think of next?


  3. Sorry about Lillys arm! Loved the pictures and videos, really makes me miss the younger years of my own daughters. Now that they are teens the presents under the tree are not so much fun.
    Ok, still laughing about the dog present, is that really a kids toy?!! Too funny~
    Oh, and I'll expect (ok, not expect, but hope) you give a full report on that waterproof camera. Like you, I've been scared to death about dumping my own camera into the river and tend not to take pictures because of it. A waterproof camara is something I've been thinking about....

  4. Thanks all. Hope you all are having a great holiday season as well.
    Seems as if Barbie's dog Tanner is a hit with you too. Yes, it's a real kids toy, could I have made that up.

    Rebecca - I'll let you know how the camera works out. I think there's going to be a little trade off when it comes to picture quality (vs. a normal point & shoot), but in snapping pics around the house, so far so good.