November 21, 2009

Went to the Orvis Warehouse Sale today...

...and I'll try to be kind. It was basically a waste.

This is the 3rd year in a row I've went when it hit the Philly area, and there just wasn't a lot of good merchandise to pick through this year. I'm thinking it most likely has to do with the economy. Being in retail, I know most retailers have kept inventories tight this year, unwilling to "go deep" on buys due to unpredictable consumer spending patterns. Also, a lot of the stuff at the show seems to be catalog/internet returns (ie TONS of dog beds with a dog's name already embroidered on it), so less people buying stuff in 2009 also means less returns.

There was a lot of summer clothes, especially in size medium and large. Shamrock shorts anyone? Not much in cold-weather wear - basically no fleece or outwear. I was hoping to stumble upon a wading jacket, but no luck. The fishing equipment was also slim-pickins, with most rods and line being heavy (6-wt and above). From what I could tell the only reels were gigantic saltwater Vortex reels the size of dinner plates. There were quite a bit of fishing accessories to be had, but a lot of it seemed almost like it was purchased especially for the warehouse sale - Rapala multi-tools and small Plano boxes?

After playing some seek n' find, I did find a good deal. A 4-wt Superfine trout rod for $200 (catalog list $575). Unfortunately, I didn't want or need a new rod so I passed. Probably could have played the eBay game...but not interested in sending a fishing rod through the mail.

I did end up spending money; purchasing a $10 raffle ticket from some folks from Perkiomen Valley Trout Unlimited to help support their Trout in the Classroom & stream restoration initiatives. I guess not all was lost.


  1. Great article,
    Thats a nice wading jacket, I opted for the packable version given the cost. I too have found some good deals on some rods and so far have been lucky on transporting them via the mail.

    I am keeping any eye on the jacket prices, if I hit pay dirt, I;ll let ya know.

    Great blog!

  2. I want one of those wading jackets too! I went a bit cheaper with the packable one and have an older simms which serves me well.

    WOW now that superfine would have been hard for me to pass up!

    Great blog!

  3. Thanks for the kind words.

    Wasn't necessarily looking for a top of the line jacket (like in the link), but was keeping my fingers crossed to no avail.

    Yeah, I'm sort of kicking myself today about the rod, but oh well...

  4. I would say you used amazing restraint to walk away from all those goodies!
    I'm not sure I could have been so strong~