November 3, 2009

Check Out Updated

When I'm not fishing, I like to read about fishing (both in print & online) and one of the websites I frequent is

Historically, it's been a pretty basic message board consisting mostly of fellow Keystone State anglers. While it hasn't always been the most active message board, the folks that post know their stuff and I've learned a lot from that site over the past two years.

This week, the admin of the site upgraded the backend software. With the upgrade, in addition to an improved forum there's also a Community feature (think Facebook) which seems like it will be pretty cool to play with. Well, I'm having fun tinkering around with it for the time being, so that makes it post worthy.

Be forewarned, should you decide to visit, not all of the users and posts from the old version have been moved over yet, so it's a bit barren. Would expect that to improve over the next few. Looking forward to seeing you over there!

Here's some screen shots:

New Forum Layout

Community Feature

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