November 24, 2009

Catch & Keep?

I don't. But I'm no evangelist for catch & release. You want to keep your limit and eat 'em, more power to you - especially on stocked waters. That's why you buy a license with trout stamp, right?

So I was on, and to be up front I really never use Bing as a search engine. I prefer tried & true Google. Or, if I want to rock it old school 1997 style, Lycos or Alta Vista. (Yes, believe it or not they do still exist). Anyway, I typed "trout" in Bing and got the standard URL, image, & news results...but interestingly enough, got this on the first page of results as well:

Actually there's an even deeper breakdown HERE.

Huh...wonder what happens if I type in "Whopper"?


  1. Your computer's blood pressure goes through the roof and it goes into cardiac arrest?


  2. Or worse, you could wind up stumbling across an image of that scary "king" that is in the TV commercials. That guy scared the bejesus out of some little ones I know.

    We kept three Steelhead the other day which as most folks know are pretty much just Giant Rainbow Trout. The Indiana DNR person who stopped to check on us provided us with a consumption advisory for Lake Michigan fish which is where the fish we caught swam in from.

  3. While I am not a fan of Bing, I too stick to Google, I found your post interesting. I typically release, but occasionally catch if I know I will eat it the same day. Otherwise it ends up in the freezer and not eaten for months. Thanks for sharing this article. How ironic that a recipe for trout is on the first page of results.