November 10, 2009

Adventures in Blogging

Not sure if you ever noticed, but there's a little feature on the top of this page called "Next Blog>>." If you have a blog and it's on the Blogger platform, you've likely got one too.

It's always been there, sitting innocently at the top of your page, but clicking on it was always an exercise in futility. 9 times out of 10 it would pull up a totally random blog, usually dedicated to tuner cars or anime and always in a foreign language.

Well, word on the street (actually Blogger Buzz) is that the kind folks behind the scenes at Blogger have updated this button to supposedly yield relevant results. Or at the very least, a page covering topics somewhat related to the one you're reading.

With that being noted, and very intrigued by the notion of what Blogger deems relevant, I decided to give this a spin and see what comes up. Using the ultimate template of "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" I clicked on the link 6 consecutive times to see where I ended up.

Starting Point:


Uhhh...ok... I was feeling okay through the first few. Perspicacious Words had a nice article on Fly Fishing. Jibted642 seemed to be in some Scandinavian language, but I recognized fishing rods and a boat. Mattflyfisher, while dabbling in the paranormal, also hit some hard water for some nice slabs. Even Mike The Pickle had some great posts (& photos!) of a multi-day flyfishing trip.

But then I got to IBLS Pastime and my "Next Blog" train was derailed. I was 100% lost on the relevance to any of its predecessors. I think it's a site about scrapbooking? Lots of pink and lipstick kisses which is of course right up my alley... Next led to Knips & Nips, which while it features more beautiful photography, that's about all I can say about it.

I guess with all of the bloggers out there with such diverse interests, 4 outta 6 aint so bad. So go ahead, get Footloose and give it a try yourself. And of course, let me know where your journey takes you.


  1. I used to be on blogger and would try that once in awhile. Back then it was all about foreign languages and anime. The world would shirk up...or is that expand, really quickly when I realized how much was going on outside my little internet bubble.
    On your cue, I may just try it again. Blogcatalog is more a sure bet...tis how I just found your blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I agree, Blogcatalog definitely has it's advantages.

    I went over to your blog and enjoy your perspective. I actually was there few days ago for the first time and read an post along the lines of "what do I call myself" after I followed a link from maybe Trout Underground? I don't remember. Anyway, I'm going to add your blog to my Blogroll.