September 14, 2009

Thoughts On Video

One of the reasons why I love fishing is that it allows me escape from the stresses of the daily grind. There's nothing like a slightly crisp morning, the sound of the stream through the riffles, and of course the squeal of the drag as a trout takes your lure. I relish that solitude, thus I usually fish by myself.

I'm also not one to keep my catch. I'm not against catch & keep by any means, it's just not what I do.

Taking photos of some of my catches for posterity's sake has also been a nice way to hold on to some of those memories. I really enjoy looking back at a previous outing's pictures and reliving some of those moments. My standard picture usually looks like this, a hand holding a fish before release. To be honest I don't mind that I'm not in the pictures (my presence would likely ruin them anyway).

Now, the natural progression from photos is video - which is leaving me a bit puzzled. I already own what I guess you'd call a "point-and-shoot" video camera - my Kodak Zi6 even shoots in 720p HD. There are functions on my normal cameras to capture video as well. But how can I effectively utilize them by myself on the water? A tripod seems a bit of a stretch. I could certainly take video after I bring the fish to hand, but that's essentially the same as a still photo.

The best solution I could find so far is something called a Hatcam...which is basically a ball cap with a camera mount on the brim. Probably functional, but at the same time, kinda odd - and I wonder what that would feel like on your noggin? Here's a video from their website of the product in action:

So in summation, I guess the question I have is - any good ideas for capturing solo fishing video?


  1. Thanks for the "Barbie" bass video. The system with the hat and video camera might work, but, I bet there are a lot of strange looks from your fellow anglers. Would make a guy want to fish "alone" like you said. Let me know if you try one out.

  2. I bought one of these and the system works great. Some of the pocket camcorders out now are so small they'll work fine on the hat. I use my Flip Mino and don't feel it whatsoever. Defintely the most practical way I found of filming myself while fishing and hunting. I would reccomend this to any angler or hunter. You're right though, you do get some weird looks, but most of them are out of sheer interest than anything else!