September 11, 2009

Free Fish Counter

The Fish Counter

Want one? I've got 2 (courtesy of "Skiball" from the PA Anglers website).

I use my Fish Counter every time I hit the water and it has definitely proven its worth. It easily clips on to your fishing vest or belt loop with a carabiner and works like an abacus to count your catch. Just slide a bead for each fish caught, once you reach 10, slide one of the top beads as a placeholder and start over again at the bottom. If that didn't make perfect sense, don't worry it comes with instructions!

I'll send one each to the first 2 folks that leave their email address in the comments section for this post. Why? Karma. Just make sure you pay it forward.

Please don't provide your shipping information in the comments section, I'll email you for that info.

feel free to stop by the PA Anglers website too and check out and/or join the forum, there's some good folks over there that like to talk fishing.


  1. Ok, Michael, I am game. That sounds like a very unique item that I don't have. My wife says I have a lot of "stuff". I say a "fisherman never has enough stuff."

    My email address is:

  2. I'd like a free fish counter.

    My email address is

    Dave Pelachik

  3. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy your counters. This offer is now closed.