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We Win!

Playoffs, here we come!

Ken Burns' The National Parks

I've been watching Ken Burns' The National Parks: America's Best Idea the past two nights and have been amazed by the beauty, especially of the parks featured in the Western United States.

The first two episodes have been primarily about two parks, Yellowstone &Yosemite, and men like John Muir who set the stage for them to become the first National Parks in the world. While I'm watching this, seeing the beautiful landscapes awash with large game, beautiful mountain vistas overlooking vast canyons, towering waterfalls emptying into cool valley streams, all I kept thinking was, "Damn, that looks like a great place to do some fishing." 

So if you're like me, here's an overview of fishing for both (courtesy of the National Park Service):

Yosemite Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations for Yosemite National Park follow those set by the State of California, including the requirement that people 16 or older have a valid California fishing license. The sea…

Gus the Groundhog vs. Granny Trout

I'm a big Pennsylvania fan, but here's another example of where the Keystone State comes up a little short. The Pennsylvania Lottery has an obnoxious puppet named Gus the Groundhog shilling scratch-off lottery tickets on TV. He's been around for a few years, but I believe his exposure as of late has well exceeded its saturation point . He's on during every single commercial break 24-7. there an official hunting season for animatronic rodents?

I've got to move to Montana, where instead of a groundhog coaxing Grannies to spend their Social Security money on lotto tix, they've got Granny Trout. She's funny simply because it's essentially a mascot (in a really poor looking trout costume) harassing misbehaving anglers.

Gus the Groundhog vs. Granny Trout

Unfortunately, I can't seem to embed the video on my just click on the link below and watch a few of the commercials.

I haven't mad…

Support A Tax on Natural Gas Drilling

Similar to many states right now, Pennsylvania's budget is not in the best of shape. However it is said that we have an "ace in the hole."
PA sits on top of a huge natural gas deposit (for some background, check out some prior posts HERE and HERE), and the subsidies the state can charge the corporations drilling to collect this gas will naturally bolster the state budget. Makes sense, right?

There was a very compelling column in the Philadelphia Inquirer today by Daniel Rubin that spoke of an unfortunate irony that is unfolding on this very subject.

The short of Mr. Rubin's article is that yes, the state will make money leasing over 660,000 acres of forest for gas drilling. But unlike 39 other states, PA has chosen not to levy a tax on gas collected from drilling. What are we missing out on by not taxing? How about an estimated $100-600 million in revenue through 2014! His closing was also very poignant:


National Hunting & Fishing Day

September 26th (this weekend) is National Hunting & Fishing Day. First proclaimed in 1972 by Richard Nixon, NH&FD is celebrated the fourth Saturday of every September as a grassroots effort to promote outdoor sports and conservation.

Interestingly, I grew up in Upper Darby, PA, and never even knew about its ties to this observance.
In the 1960s, hunters and anglers embraced the era's heightened environmental awareness but were discouraged that many people didn't understand the crucial role that sportsmen had played-and continue to play-in the conservation movement.The first to suggest an official day of thanks to sportsmen was Ira Joffe, owner of Joffe's Gun Shop in Upper Darby, Pa. In 1970, Pennsylvania Gov. Raymond Shafer adopted Joffe's idea and created "Outdoor Sportsman's Day" in the state.~ With that being said, here's the official White House proclamation for 2009.THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press Secretary
For Immediate R…

Didn't Go Fishing this Weekend...

...but K.C. & I took our daughter Lilly and her friend to Dutch Wonderland. (Think Six Flags for little kids).

That being said, the day was not without some digital "fishing." We took the kids over to feed the ducks, but the carp seemed to get the better of the food.

This is a pretty cool pic, we were on a log boat ride and I saw a real (as in non-animatronic) snake swimming across the water surface. K.C. tried to take a pic of the snake, but got this little fish jumping out of the water (suppose it's fleeing the snake) by "accident."

Thoughts On Video

One of the reasons why I love fishing is that it allows me escape from the stresses of the daily grind. There's nothing like a slightly crisp morning, the sound of the stream through the riffles, and of course the squeal of the drag as a trout takes your lure. I relish that solitude, thus I usually fish by myself.

I'm also not one to keep my catch. I'm not against catch & keep by any means, it's just not what I do.

Taking photos of some of my catches for posterity's sake has also been a nice way to hold on to some of those memories. I really enjoy looking back at a previous outing's pictures and reliving some of those moments. My standard picture usually looks like this, a hand holding a fish before release. To be honest I don't mind that I'm not in the pictures (my presence would likely ruin them anyway).

Now, the natural progression from photos is video - which is leaving me a bit puzzled. I already own what I guess you'd call a "point…

Free Fish Counter

The Fish Counter

Want one? I've got 2 (courtesy of "Skiball" from the PA Anglers website).

I use my Fish Counter every time I hit the water and it has definitely proven its worth. It easily clips on to your fishing vest or belt loop with a carabiner and works like an abacus to count your catch. Just slide a bead for each fish caught, once you reach 10, slide one of the top beads as a placeholder and start over again at the bottom. If that didn't make perfect sense, don't worry it comes with instructions!

I'll send one each to the first 2 folks that leave their email address in the comments section for this post.Why? Karma. Just make sure you pay it forward.

Please don't provide your shipping information in the comments section, I'll email you for that info.

Also, feel free to stop by the PA Anglers website too and check out and/or join the forum, there's some good folks over there that like to talk fishing.

Bring me Solo and the Wookiee!

The Jabba The Hutt of brownies was evidently caught in Michigan on Wednesday. A 41-pound, 7-ounce brown trout to be exact. If everything is on the up and up, this would not only break the Michigan state record, but the IGFA World Record as well. That's a BIG fish.

Tom Healy holds the 41-pound, 7-ounce, 43.75-inch-long brown trout he caught while fishing for salmon on the Manistee River on Wednesday. It awaits verification by world record keepers as the largest ever caught.
Rockford angler Tom Healy hooks 41-pound brown trout that shatters state record
by Aaron Ogg | The Grand Rapids Press
Thursday September 10, 2009, 1:50 AM

ROCKFORD -- Tom Healy floated along the Manistee River in Manistee County on Wednesday morning hoping to hook a few salmon, but the longtime fisherman's fate was much weightier. The 66-year-old Rockford man wrangled with a 41-pound, 7-ounce, 43.75-inch-long brown trout for 15 minutes before hauling it into his boat. The fish breaks the species' state rec…

Tried Valley Creek today...

...and struck out. Folks weren't kidding when they said the trout in Valley were ultra-spooky due to the amount of pressure they get.

The creek runs through Valley Forge National Park and is one of the few coldwater spring creeks that holds a year-round population of wild trout in the Philadelphia area, thus is also a prime destination for anglers. In retrospect, the last day of a long weekend was probably not the best time to visit.

It was my first time fishing Valley - I've walked the banks before just to get an idea of where the fish might like to hide - but never got a line wet until today. There were what seemed to be some really nice fish holding in some of the pools, they just really weren't very active. Passed another fly-fisherman and he wasn't having any better luck.

One thing I was struck by was the beauty of Valley Creek and it's surroundings. I did snap a few pictures along the way.

Random Picture

Cleaning out one of my digital cameras today and found this picture I took in July but never posted.

Now Leading Off for your 2030 Philadelphia Phillies...

Look at this natural effortless swing. She's got "doubles hitter" written all over her. I couldn't be prouder.

Roy Hobbs' got nothing on Lilly

Free Tru-Turn Hooks

Lose a lot of hooks? I actually lose my fair share getting caught up in the rocks going after smallies. Well, I found this deal celebrate their 50th anniversary, Tru-Turn is giving away hooks!

All you need to do is buy (up to 5) packs of Tru-Turn hooks, fill out a rebate form and send in your UPCs and sales receipt, and they'll send you back an equal amount of hooks back for free - that's a $10 value. Honestly, that's a pretty good way to stock up. And don't worry, you've got some time, the offer doesn't expire until 6/30/2011.

Here's the link to the rebate form:

Turtle Beatdown

In an epic battle of underwater pugilism - who wins, a turtle or fish? You'd bet at least a c-note on the turtle, right...
Well this turtle forgot to eat his spinach or something and gets his shell repeatedly whooped by two African Cichlids.

Just one more question - what's the deal with the cheezy voice over guy? NatGeo, you're better than that.