Growing Interest in Tenkara

Earlier in the spring, there was a big (okay, actually not that big) to-do made about Tenkara, and more specifically Tenkara USA.

For those of you that are not dorks like me and don't read tons of fly fishing blogs, Tenkara is essentially fly fishing without a reel. You more or less use the same motions, but like I said, there's no reeling in - so no drag to assist you in landing the fish. They call it "streamlined fly fishing;" you know Daniel-san crazy Far-East samurai type stuff.

So now I'm sorta wanting a Tenkara outfit. What's especially cool about these rods is that they are telescopic, so they pack up really small, making them easy to transport. Problem is streamlined fishing ain't cheap, with rods starting at $130.

This revelation coincides with the dropping off of my car at the dealership tonight for its 60K mile service and inspection. I think I either need new brakes or my rotors resurfaced too, so I'm probably looking at a service bill for a grand (at minimum). Tenkara may need to wait...but just for a little bit...


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