August 31, 2009

Doom & Gloom...Well, Sort Of

This article popped up over the weekend about how global warming will wreak havoc on various animals, both large & small - including sheep & fish - yet how cockroaches will be unaffected and are clearly poised to take over the world!

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Weird Ways Global Warming is Changing Animal Populations

by Naturally Savvy on 08.28.09

No More "Gone Fishing" Days?

Do you whittle away summer days fishing? Good luck, if climate change continues to accelerate. A new study shows warmer temperatures will kick off a chain reaction in lakes that will cause a dramatic drop in fish.

Warmer temperatures, thawing of permafrost and changes in precipitation are expected to cause more colored organic matter to run off into lakes, turning the water brown. Brown water keeps the sunlight from reaching the bottom of the lake. Algae at the bottom of the lake can't survive without sunlight. The organisms that eat algae won't have enough to eat and many will die. The fish that eat those organisms won't have enough to eat and they too will die. So, fewer fish are the end result.

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In posting this, I do feel the need to place some context on the article - take it for what it's worth. I found it on, so you know what the (apocalyptic) perspective is going to be. Even so, the study (click on the link within the article) seems legitimate, so who am I to argue?

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