Cannot Figure Out The Logo...

I was flipping through the new September issue of Field & Stream magazine tonight and toward the back there's a full page ad for G Defy (gravity defy) shoes. They're sneakers with springs in the heel that are supposed to have a laundry list full of benefits. That gimmick isn't why I'm posting this - I've seen something similar pretty much in any SkyMall magazine I've ever paged through. My question is, WHAT'S WITH THE LOGO?
"Hmm...Nike Swoosh...taken....
Reebok Vector....taken.....
adidas 3 stripes....awww, that's taken too...
A-HA! about some semen!"

So, you've make these super gravity defying shoes, and the best logo you can come up with is a sperm? I was hoping the video below would reveal the secret to the logo...but all I found out was that the dude at 1:35 has clearly never shot a basketball before shooting this commercial.


  1. If that's the case, it's almost as silly as a sperm. Tadpole = baby frog = spring loaded shoes?

    Actually, the longer I thought about this following my post, the more I wanted the sperm billboard shoes. Conversation topic.


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