June 30, 2009

Weekend Dink-A-Thon

I had a little bit of free time on my hands last Saturday so I headed down to the Limerick boat ramp (Schuylkill River) about 5 minutes from my house. Since it was spur of the moment outing, just grabbed a spinning rod and a handful of 4" green pumpkin senkos and figured I'd fish the bank for a few hours. Really didn't catch much (except a ton of mosquito bites, ow!)

I caught mostly rock bass, and a couple small smallies. Wasn't planning on taking pictures of anything since everything seemed Smurf-like in stature, but as the session was coming to a close, figured I'd snap a few just to document the "experience." The best fish I caught actually was pretty nice sized, but he was a feisty bugger and kicked my hook as I was trying to grab his jaw to lift him from the water...photo-op gone in a splash. Ask K.C., when I got home I was a little mad at myself for that one.

I went back on Sunday afternoon and encountered much of the same, mosquitoes included. I also tried Green Lane Reservior briefly without much luck.

Over the two days, the mixed bag o' fish I caught totaled 14. How do I know that? I know that using "Skiball's" fish counter, an interesting item I acquired in a trade with a fellow member of the PAanglers.com message board...in the short time I've had it, have found it to be quite useful.

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