June 18, 2009

Silly PETA

It was mentioned in a previous post how when K.C. & I took Lilly to the circus last month, PETA was outside in all of their glory causing a ruckus about Elephant cruelty. Well, a popular Father's Day activity is evidently up next...

PETA Protesting Father's Day Fishing

NBC-2 reports

7:55 p.m., Thursday, June 18, 2009

— If you have been thinking about gassing up the boat and heading out for some fishing this Father's Day weekend, officials from PETA wants you to think again.

The animal rights group spent Thursday afternoon on the Fort Myers Beach pier telling dads and fisherman that fishing is cruel.

They were also saying that there are better things to do with your kids this Father's Day than go fishing.

"There's a common misconception that fishing is a good way to bond with your dad. That's no way to teach you child to be compassionate to other animals, much less human beings," said PETA member Colleen Higgins.

Higgins says PETA members chose Thursday for their demonstration because Father's Day is this weekend.

Read the NBC2 News (Fort Myers, FL) article here:

Good grief PETA...so after I go fishing on Sunday, I'll be sure to fire up the grill. Elephant burgers anyone?

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