May 31, 2009

Catching Up on Lilly Posts

Last two weekends have been somewhat of a blur. Lots of family activities going on, which makes for a busy, but really fun time. Here's a little breakdown...

Sunday, May 24th
Lilly, Mommy, Daddy, & Grandmom went to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus in Philadelphia. Lilly was really looking forward to seeing the "lion tamer" as she told me the night before. Well, today was finally the day. Despite the PETA protests at the door, the circus was fun - Lilly and all of the other little kids certainly seemed to have a good time - but not the circus you or I might remember from our youth.

Nowadays, sure there are still animals like elephants, tigers, & horses...but there's a lot of Cirque de Soleil style acrobatics too. No "men of the flying trapeze" anymore, more like women hanging and twirling from big ropes from the ceiling. I understand the change, most people love that junk (hence the 7 different shows out in Vegas), but it was a bit much for me.

Also, there were plenty of clowns, but no midgets?! I guess the circus has gone politically correct. Not sure why...they seem okay with exploiting animals (last time I checked elephants didn't dance in a conga line on the African plains) so what' s the issue with exploiting people? At least people have a choice. P.T. Barnum is surely rolling over in his grave right now.

Sunday, May 31st
Today was a "Mommy Outing" to the Reading Phillies game. K.C. organized this outing with a handful of her friends, so Lilly not only got to go to the baseball game, but she also got to hang out with her friends.

It was a bit on the warm side, but on the whole all of the kids were troopers, and I'm pretty sure had a fun time at the game. One of the more memorable things was that Arby's was sponsoring a promotion that if a selected player had an RBI during the game, everybody got a free Beef 'n Cheddar sandwich the next day. Everytime this batter was at the plate, the sound system started a "Roast...Beef" chant in a deep baritone voice. Lilly thought that was funny, and continued the chant (even hours after the game was over). Unfortunately, the guy was like 0-5, no so roast beef for us.
After the game, the kids got to run around the bases. Lilly was going to run around with her friend Hope, but somehow they got separated in line (I think Lilly was just really eager and ran ahead a little bit) and Lilly ran the bases all by herself. Most kids ran with a parent, but our chance. She got a little lost when it came to crossing homeplate (I was hoping for a headfirst slide) but in the end all was good.

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