April 19, 2009

Skippack Creek

Fished Skippack Creek (off of Germantown Avenue) today. Only fished it once before. Didn't have much luck then, didn't have much luck today either.

Actually did a little bit of exploring today; the last time I fished Skippack I stayed pretty close to the main parking lot where the large pool is (and most of the other folks hang out). Today I took a stroll, doing some scouting for future trips. Sure I fished, but I didn't really concentrate on one spot for too long.

In chatting with other fishermen along the various banks, most weren't having much luck either. One guy using minnows said he caught 1 trout, but the folks using spinners and Powerbait...nada. So at least I don't feel too bad. I did find a nice stretch that looked ideal for fly tackle, I'll probably bring my fly rod the next time I go and give that a shot.

One minor consolation - did see quite a bit of wildlife, especially snakes and toads. Here's a shot of some toads.

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