March 28, 2009

No Job? Gone Fishing...

I've been reading in several places that with unemployment rates creeping towards 10% and the economy in shambles, many people have been staying close to and investing in the homefront rather than going on vacation or making big purchases. A byproduct appears to be an increase in recreational activities. Inexpensive activities rooted in the outdoors seem to be especially popular. This trend is shown trickling over to fishing in the following article.

Bait Shop Reels In Unemployed
By Marcus Schneck, for the Patriot News
March 21st, 2009

Rising unemployment is boosting sales of fishing bait, from minnows to nightcrawlers, according to Ed Donbach, co-owner of Harrisburg-based Ron's Wholesale Bait, which also sells retail direct to anglers.

With the retail end of the business up about 20 percent over the same point in 2008, he explained, "A lot of guys are telling us, 'I'm laid off, so I'm going fishing.'

"It's only $32.40 for a fishing license and a trout stamp, and you can fish all year," Donbach said, making fishing a bargain when compared to other activities, such as golf with one-time greens fees beginning around $30.

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