March 5, 2009

My Fishing Nook

Once upon a time, in that glorious era almost 3 years ago, when real estate wasn't an intensely scary proposition, K.C. & I decided to look for a little larger house for our newly growing family. We didn't go MTV Cribs or anything, just a modest sized townhouse with a nice floorplan, a deck in the back for a BBQ grill, and (what I was most excited about) a healthy sized finished basement.

As we were doing the walk-through, I was excited as visions of a game table (perhaps a pop-a-shot), mini bar, and a nice cozy recliner were dancing through my head. Uhhh...Fast forward to the present...and my "Man-Cave In Waiting" has been reduced to 90% fabric, ribbon, and sewing machines (courtesy of my lovely wife and her Diaper Bag Wrangler business), 8% usable living space, a 2% left over. In that 2%, I was able to carve a "BOYS ONLY" corner of the basement where I keep all my fishing gear and twist my lures.

I guess I can't complain too much, at least K.C. makes money with her hobby. On the other hand, my fishing obsessi...I mean hobby... has the opposite effect on my wallet. Now if I could only give her fax machine the boot!


  1. Awww...quit crying maybe you would like to go back to your old basement and redo the "Boys Only" corner and throw in another load of wash!! Keep faxing KC! I'll save some bread for your next fishing trip. LC

  2. Uhhh, I'll pretend like that statement makes any's 2009, who faxes?