March 19, 2009

Millions of Trout Going into PA Streams

I've returned from my hiatus (family vacation) and will write up a nice post about that in a bit...however, found this article & video online today, courtesy of WNEP-TV 16 in Moosic.
Staff Writer
March 18, 2009
Stocking season is here in Pennsylvania. The first day of Trout Season is now one month away and that has the state Fish and Boat Commission loading streams and lakes with millions of fish.

With temperatures in the 60s a lot of people had spring fever Wednesday, including anglers.

That's why a bunch of fishermen joined in to help stock Bushkill Creek in Monroe and Pike counties, to help satisfy their fishing fever until opening day.

With dreams of catching a trophy, volunteers helped load Bushkill Creek with trout. They carried bucket after bucket filled with lots of big ones then dumped them all in. The fish will be there waiting for opening day.

"I love it," said fisherman Ron Jones. "It's an escape from reality from work and what's going on in the world today and great guys I get to know over the years. It doesn't get any better!"

To continue reading this article, please visit the WNEP-TV Website:,0,4894402.story

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