March 11, 2009

Lilly's First Fish

Today was going to be the day I've (not so) secretly been anticipating for quite some time. Lilly received a Lightning McQueen Cars fishing rod for her birthday from Mom Mom & G-Daddy, and she insisted on going fishing...IMMEDIATELY!

We rigged up the line with a bobber, some split shot, and a hook baited with a piece of bagel (of course - Mommy's secret bait). On Lilly's first cast, we waited...waited....waited...and then WHAM!!!! The bobber went under violently and Lilly started reeling like crazy! The drag on that little Shakespeare reel was screaming - no joke.

After about 5 minutes of working the fish - and with some help from Daddy pulling in some line by hand - Lilly landed her first fish. It was a bit of a pig too. The Mayan Cichlid was about 8 inches long and was quite thick - a real slab. Unfortunately, Lilly was a little afraid of the fish once we got it out of the water and wouldn't pose with her catch. Instead, she hid behind Grandmom while Mommy snapped this shot of the fish and her rod & reel.

Lilly was so excited she wanted to go fishing again..."again, again," I believe were her exact words. Well...the second time wasn't as fruitful. Oh, Lilly hooked another fish, but she also let go of the rod at the same time. SPLASH, into the water it went, and before we could attempt to grab it - the fish, rod & all - swam away into the depths of the pond. :(

Needless to say, Lilly was hysterical about losing her rod. But after some hugs and kisses, and everybody telling her how proud we were of her, she quickly calmed down and a trip to Target was immediately scheduled. Fish beware, Lilly has rearmed, Disney Princess rod locked & loaded.

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