March 9, 2009

Lilly's 3rd Birthday

Wednesday the 4th was Lilly's 3rd girl is getting so yesterday(Sunday) we had her party for her at the casa. Lilly was eagerly waiting all day for her friends to come over. She was so excited. Unfortunately Mommy told her that her friends would be there after she woke up from her nap. Lilly took that literally and was very disappointed when they weren't there to greet her.

Not to worry, within an hour the whole crew came over and chaos ensued (don't let the calm look and smiles fool you!!!).

Lilly wasted no time opening presents ~ she made out like a bandit and got books, lots of Play-Doh, a My Little Pony, and Grandmom bought Lilly an Elefun game. Oh, the fun of butterflies. It was definitely the highlight of the party for Lilly, Hope, & Mia. Matthew didn't like it too much :(

Next came cake...

Even though it was exhausting for Mommy & Daddy, Lilly had a blast and that's what's important. Now off to Disney World!!!

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