Hooked: Philly's Urban Anglers

In a very odd coincidence, I was aimlessly flipping through the TV channels tonight while K.C. was updating all of her SUPERCRAZY SALE stuff on the computer, and caught the tail end of a documentary on urban angling in Philly. With my post earlier in the week on Brownlining, that's a little odd. It was well done, and I need to watch the re-airing tomorrow to see the rest of it. Perhaps the Schuylkill is calling my name?

These guys have a website/blog of their own, which can be found here:

Here's a trailer for the documentary:


  1. Hey, thanks for writing up our little documentary. Hope you can see the screening today at 1pm. I assume you know of the Philadelphia Anglers Club. If the Schuylkill's calling your name even a little, that's the place to start http://www.cookplex.com/pac/

    See you at the river, and thanks again,



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