I Need A Box Of Sidewalk Chalk

I get a lot of "email forwards" both on my home and work email. Most are really pretty worthless - like the missing kid hoax, pictures of animals or babies doing cute things (which are promptly deleted), something of a religious nature, or midget porn. That being said, I received a forward at work today of some of Julian Beever's stunning "3D sidewalk chalk art." I fancy myself somewhat of a creative person, but this stuff is amazing. There's a few pics below to look at - don't adjust your eyes - this really is chalk on the pavement. Oh, had to throw the obligatory fishing drawing in there too...(click to enlarge)

Building on that (and after doing a Google search), it appears as if Mr. Beever has spawned some "copycats" (not using the term in a negative way). Here's a great article from Daily Mail in the UK showing off some unbelievable work by Edgar Mueller.


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