February 12, 2009

Little Lebowski?

This past weekend, Daddy & Lilly had a LOT of fun together.

On Saturday, Lilly's friend Hope invited Lilly to her bumper bowling birthday party at Facenda-Whitaker Lanes. Both Mommy & Daddy got to go too since this was Lilly's first time bowling (and I'd imagine the first time for lots of her friends too), and she needed a little bit of help figuring out what to do. Well, it didn't take her too long before she was locked in and all about bowling. Lilly ended up bowling a 91 for her first game, complete with a strike & two spares! Are you kiddin' me?!? She also had lots of fun dancing and jumping and crawling and eating cupcakes with her friends - and that's what it's all about anyway. By the way, we capped this day off when we got home by giving Lilly her first (temporary) tattoo. She picked her tummy. Good choice!

On Sunday, Daddy & Lilly decided to give Mommy a break and get out of the house for the morning. It was a beautiful day - about 60 degrees - so we took a drive down to Norristown to visit the Elmwood Park Zoo. Unfortunately when we got there, a lot of the zoo was still in winter mode - a lot of the attractions (like the catfish that you can hand feed) were still frozen over with ice, the petting barn was closed, and there were no pony rides. That being said, I don't think Lilly minded too much. She got to see the prairie dogs (her favorites), the buffalo, and of course play in the "play park." Lilly had sooo much fun, but we weren't done just yet. The next stop was to Captain Nemo's Aquarium (a really big fish store) to make up for the fish that weren't at the zoo. Lilly really loves looking at the Sharks in the big tank. She kept playing hide & seek with them each time they swam by. She was also fixated by the little tank (I'm sure they intentionally have on display) with just two fish in it. The two fish happen to be Nemo (or maybe Marlin) & Dory. Just keep swimming...

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