February 14, 2009

Front Range Anglers

I was interested in picking up a Lamson Konic fly reel the other week...since I knew what I wanted, it was pretty easy to shop around online and find a retailer that could service the order quick (& with freebies). That's how I stumbled upon Front Range Anglers based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Not only did they have my 5 wt Konic available at the lowest price I could find outside of an eBay auction, they were also offering free shipping...and FREE backing and fly line! The fly line is nothing spectacular (Rio Mainstream) but it isn't garbage either, so how could I pass it up? The best part, the order was on my doorstep in Pennsylvania in 3 days. Simply put, awesome service.

What I didn't know was that the goodies kept on coming. No, not anymore free product...but their email newsletter is awesome. Literally, there were about 29 different "articles" within the newsletter - it is virtually a fly fishing blog itself. You can sign up yourself HERE if you're interested. My personal favorite article this month showed the work of Mike George & his stacked deer hair flies...simply amazing.

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