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23rd Annual Stony Creek Clean-Up

The 23rd Annual Stony Creek Clean-Up is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 8AM to Noon. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Fire Chief’s Memorial Band Shell in Elmwood Park, Norristown, PA .

Last year's clean up had the largest turnout ever as 172 volunteers filled a 20 yard dumpster to the brim! Some large items removed included a piano, 2 sofas, 4 bikes, 1 wagon, 40 tires and a sizable pile of scrap metal!

The Stony Creek Anglers will supply gloves & bags. The Norristown Maenner-Chor Club will provide lunch. Starbucks will supply coffee & donuts. The Borough of Norristown will supply a dump truck & driver. Louis Mascaro & Sons will supply dumpsters. The King of Prussia Home Depot will supply other materials. We always need vans & pick ups to get the volunteers to different sections of the Creek.

It is a Rain or Shine Event! Please dress according to the weather and bring boots & waders.

This year's clean up will be in memory of Forrest (Woo…

I Need A Box Of Sidewalk Chalk

I get a lot of "email forwards" both on my home and work email. Most are really pretty worthless - like the missing kid hoax, pictures of animals or babies doing cute things (which are promptly deleted), something of a religious nature, or midget porn. That being said, I received a forward at work today of some of Julian Beever's stunning "3D sidewalk chalk art." I fancy myself somewhat of a creative person, but this stuff is amazing. There's a few pics below to look at - don't adjust your eyes - this really is chalk on the pavement. Oh, had to throw the obligatory fishing drawing in there too...(click to enlarge)

Building on that (and after doing a Google search), it appears as if Mr. Beever has spawned some "copycats" (not using the term in a negative way). Here's a great article from Daily Mail in the UK showing off some unbelievable work by Edgar Mueller.

Wow - A Shout Out for East Norriton

I was shocked when I saw this article online. Business Week's Best Affordable Suburbs in 2009 - #5 in the U.S. goes to East Norriton, PA? I guess I lived on the wrong side of the tracks (West Norriton) for all those years. I think I'm smelling a turf war - West Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddee!!!!

5. East Norriton, Pennsylvania

Nearest major city: Philadelphia
Median household income:
Median home price:
Unemployment rate:
Violent crime index:
11East Norriton, a former farming community 22 miles north of Philadelphia, has a mix of stores, offices, industrial areas, single-family homes, and apartments. The nearest large shopping mall is the Plymouth Meeting Mall four miles away. About 33% of residents are married with children. Average commutes are 21 minutes.

Pizza Orgy

This post has nothing to do with fishing. It has everything to do with gettin' your grub on, and in my opinion the best deal on pizza going in Southeast PA. My friends and I have been getting the "all you can eat" pizza deal at Pinocchio's Pizza (Media, PA) since we were in high school. We call it "Da Nock" for short.

My buddy Steve was up from Florida to visit his family for his birthday this past weekend ~ so it prompted a quick reunion of sorts, pulling in most of the old group that was still somewhat local. (MJMIII was on some sort of lover's weekend down the shore with his lady...) We decided that Da Nock would be a good meeting ground, a central point of sorts, and we had a good time catching up on Sunday. Not knowing if the pizza deal still existed, Sam asked, and what do you know...bigtime score! Back in the day you could only get it on weeknights, but I guess recently they opened it up for everyday of the week. Must be that recession or …

Front Range Anglers

I was interested in picking up a Lamson Konic fly reel the other week...since I knew what I wanted, it was pretty easy to shop around online and find a retailer that could service the order quick (& with freebies). That's how I stumbled upon Front Range Anglers based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Not only did they have my 5 wt Konic available at the lowest price I could find outside of an eBay auction, they were also offering free shipping...and FREE backing and fly line! The fly line is nothing spectacular (Rio Mainstream) but it isn't garbage either, so how could I pass it up? The best part, the order was on my doorstep in Pennsylvania in 3 days. Simply put, awesome service.

What I didn't know was that the goodies kept on coming. No, not anymore free product...but their email newsletter is awesome. Literally, there were about 29 different "articles" within the newsletter - it is virtually a fly fishing blog itself. You can sign up yourself HERE if you…

Little Lebowski?

This past weekend, Daddy & Lilly had a LOT of fun together.

On Saturday, Lilly's friend Hope invited Lilly to her bumper bowling birthday party at Facenda-Whitaker Lanes. Both Mommy & Daddy got to go too since this was Lilly's first time bowling (and I'd imagine the first time for lots of her friends too), and she needed a little bit of help figuring out what to do. Well, it didn't take her too long before she was locked in and all about bowling. Lilly ended up bowling a 91 for her first game, complete with a strike & two spares! Are you kiddin' me?!? She also had lots of fun dancing and jumping and crawling and eating cupcakes with her friends - and that's what it's all about anyway. By the way, we capped this day off when we got home by giving Lilly her first (temporary) tattoo. She picked her tummy. Good choice!

On Sunday, Daddy & Lilly decided to give Mommy a break and get out of the house for the morning. It was a beautiful day -…

New Stony Creek Anglers Website

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be more active in 2009. With the news and subsequent treatment of K.C.'s breast cancer last summer/fall/winter, a lot of things (rightly so) got put on hold. No real family vacations, projects around the house went undone, most free time was spent playing catch up, taking Lilly to soccer, or stealing a few minutes of rest.

Well a month or so into this year, we've spun the family 180 degrees, and we're off to a good start. First off, it appears as if the toughest part of K.C.'s journey is coming to an close. Chemo is over, and her hair is already starting to grow back! We've already booked a week long vacation in March to "do Disney" for Lilly's birthday, K.C. & I both joined a gym, Lilly is finally going to get potty trained, the awful wallpaper in the front of our house is coming down this weekend (pictured at left, one of my Valentine's Day gifts to K.C., and BTW that picture was taken before …

Crabby Creek Restoration

There was a nice article in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday about the restoration of Crabby Creek in Chester County by the Valley Forge chapter of Trout Unlimited. Crabby Creek is a tributary to Valley Creek, one of the few Class A wild trout streams in southeast Pennsylvania.

For Full Article:

Troutrageous Ink - Spreading Like A Virus

Catching up on some online reading today...and huh...did I see that right? The Troutrageous Ink Button got some love today from Joe Cermele on the Field & Stream Honest Angler blog?!? I dropped him a button about a month ago following one of his blogs on street art - didn't expect anything to get written about it, but hey, ain't complaining either.

Cermele: Reader-Made, Blogger Approved

Since I started blogging, I've found out that some of our readers make pretty wicked stuff. Take Troutrageous, for example. He sent me a button that has joined my bouquet of rear-view danglers. Know why I dig it? Because the tattoo-esque design nicely ties old Joe and new Joe together. This button would have been just as at home ten years ago on my black hoody with the stud-Beaddazzled sleeves and Misfits skull on the back. It was local bass pond by day, mosh pit by night. Man, things change...

To read the blog in it's entirety, see link below:…