January 7, 2009

Box of Tricks

I was on the PAanglers forum the other day and read a thread (started by "Spinner") that showed what kind of lures he kept in his tackle box. There was a little bit of dialogue following, with some other folks chiming in on their favorites, so I thought it might be fun to show what is in my tackle box 9 times out of 10 when I go out for trout.

First off, I really like these double sided Plano Stowaway tackle boxes. I use model #3449. They are small, compact, and perfect to toss in a fishing vest or jacket pocket. They hold a lot too. which makes them very convenient if you like to bring a large arsenal on the water (like me). I'm all about swapping lures if a particular color or configuration isn't working, so the more the merrier for me.

Side one: Joe's Flies, Rooster Tails, Wyld Edge Bezerkers (my favorites!), Mepps Elix (now discontinued), Fish Creek Nitro Mites, and a small and indispensable Leatherman Squirt tool (with pliers). I usually also cram in some Tin Split Shot & Assorted Hooks in case I want to fish with a bait (usually waxworms) instead of lures.

Side two: Mepps Little Wolf Spoon, Wyld Edge Baby Bezerkers, Fish Creek Armadillos (a great change-up!), & Homemade spinners in assorted varieties. The lures I make myself vary from very standard to resemble Panther Martins or Mepps XDs, to what I call my Michelin Man (a lure that closely resembles a CP Swing), to random contraptions of leftover brass bodies and beads. All of them tend to catch fish rather well - and I tend to stay in the gold & silver family as far as colors go.

To view the original PAanglers thread and peek inside other folks' tackle boxes, see link below:

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