January 31, 2009


As a followup to my "Who Throws A Shoe?" post a few weeks ago, this was too good not to post. When I stumbled upon this news story, I actually had to check and make sure it wasn't April Fools' Day (courtesy of Yahoo & the Associated Press).

BAGHDAD – The director of an Iraqi orphanage says a sculpture honoring an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush has been removed.

Fatin al-Nassiri says Iraqi police told her the statue had to be removed from the orphanage in Tikrit because government property should not be used for something with a political bias.

She says the sofa-sized statue of a shoe was taken down on Saturday after being unveiled on Thursday.

Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi threw his shoes during a Dec. 14 news conference in Baghdad. Throwing shoes at someone is a sign of extreme contempt in Arab culture.

So I guess the question I have is now that the shoe has been removed, where is it going to go? If there are no takers, I suggest it be placed outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art (right next to Rocky!) in a homage to "statues exiled from their homes." For those of you who don't know the saga of the Rocky statue ~ just click HERE.

January 18, 2009

Stony Creek Anglers 2009 Trout Tournament

I went to the Stony Creek Anglers monthly meeting last week and picked up a flyer for the 12th annual trout tournament. I scanned it and posted below (click each to enlarge).

The tournament will be Saturday & Sunday, April 5th & 6th on Stony Creek, located in the Norristown Farm Park / Norristown State Hospital grounds. It should be a good time, especially for kids. Proceeds go toward the operation of the SCA trout nursery, as well as club-sponsored youth programs.

January 17, 2009

2009 Philadelphia Sportsmen's Show

The Philadelphia Sportsmen's Show rolled into Valley Forge this week, and today Lilly & I decided to take a look. We went to the one last year, and Lilly seemed to have a really good time, so I figured, "Why not?" and we braved the 15 degree weather and headed down 422. It also gave Mommy some alone time, which I'm sure she appreciated to no end.

This year's show wasn't quite as big as last year's, and there was definitely more of an emphasis on hunting than fishing. I'm not a hunter in the least, so probably about 80% of the show was worthless to me. I have no issues with hunters or even guns, it's just not for me. I did almost have words with the an NRA representative at the door who was "greeting" everybody and asking for donations. As I pushed Lilly in her stroller through the entrance our exchange was as follows:

NRA Dude: "Welcome to the show, would you like to show your support to the local chapter of the NRA?"
Me: "No thanks, I don't own a gun"
NRA Dude: "Don't you want to be a good Dad and protect your little one?"
Me: *Rolled Eyes, kept on walking...*

If this conversation took place at a bar and not entering a "Sportsmen's Show," I would have taken issue and made Jim Bob's head spin, but I figured it wasn't worth it. After all, sentiment like this is pretty much as widespread as camouflage & flannel at one of these shows.

So that aside, we had a pretty good time. Lilly was a little fidgety, but not too bad. She had a lot of fun looking at animals & pretending to ride all 5 riding lawn mowers on display. She does the same thing at Home Depot - I think she thinks they are race cars or something...

Lilly also got to go fishing for the first time in the trout pool. She was so excited to hold "her own" fishing rod, to quote Lilly, "I do it by myself." Even though she didn't bring in a fish (like father like daughter), she had a huge smile on her face the whole time. That was definitely my highlight of the show.

January 14, 2009

It's Cold Outside

It's like 20 degrees outside. Too cold for me. I prefer the 70s & 80s, heck I'd even settle for the 40s right about now.

Nothing really new fishing wise to report. I've still got some gift cards from X-Mas burning a hole in my pocket, but I don't need anything at the moment. So, in lieu of a fishing report, here's 3 random musings.

1. R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban. I'm saddened by this news more than you might think. I always really liked Fantasy Island as a kid, it's truly a great concept for a TV show, far superior to Love Boat. Plus, he had a great voice. One of those guys that could say practically anything - like "peanut butter & jelly"- and it would sound ultra suave. I hope when I pass on to the afterworld, both Mr. Roarke & Tattoo will be there to greet me. Maybe he'll even save me a seat made of "soft, Corinthian leather."

2. New Field & Stream website. I subscribe and really enjoy the print magazine, so it was nice to see today they decided to spiff up their website and make it a touch more modern and dynamic. Reads a little more like a blog than a standard static webpage. That being said it hurts my eyes a bit - too much white. Anyway, with all the additional content, think I'll check it out more often.

3. Eagles vs. Cardinals. NFC title game. Who would have thought it a few weeks ago. Eagles should win...but past title games vs. Tampa & Carolina proved nothing is a given. That being said, Sunday can't get here soon enough! Go Birds!!!!

January 7, 2009

Box of Tricks

I was on the PAanglers forum the other day and read a thread (started by "Spinner") that showed what kind of lures he kept in his tackle box. There was a little bit of dialogue following, with some other folks chiming in on their favorites, so I thought it might be fun to show what is in my tackle box 9 times out of 10 when I go out for trout.

First off, I really like these double sided Plano Stowaway tackle boxes. I use model #3449. They are small, compact, and perfect to toss in a fishing vest or jacket pocket. They hold a lot too. which makes them very convenient if you like to bring a large arsenal on the water (like me). I'm all about swapping lures if a particular color or configuration isn't working, so the more the merrier for me.

Side one: Joe's Flies, Rooster Tails, Wyld Edge Bezerkers (my favorites!), Mepps Elix (now discontinued), Fish Creek Nitro Mites, and a small and indispensable Leatherman Squirt tool (with pliers). I usually also cram in some Tin Split Shot & Assorted Hooks in case I want to fish with a bait (usually waxworms) instead of lures.

Side two: Mepps Little Wolf Spoon, Wyld Edge Baby Bezerkers, Fish Creek Armadillos (a great change-up!), & Homemade spinners in assorted varieties. The lures I make myself vary from very standard to resemble Panther Martins or Mepps XDs, to what I call my Michelin Man (a lure that closely resembles a CP Swing), to random contraptions of leftover brass bodies and beads. All of them tend to catch fish rather well - and I tend to stay in the gold & silver family as far as colors go.

To view the original PAanglers thread and peek inside other folks' tackle boxes, see link below:

January 3, 2009

New Year's (Digital) Cleaning

I took a few moments today to erase or move some old pictures I took on my Blackberry to my computer. Along the way I came across this picture I took of Lilly on a trip we took to Cabela's back in April. Lilly really liked looking at all of the "stuffed animals," and here's a picture of her getting ready to jump into the trout pond.

January 1, 2009

Kype Fishing Magazine: Volume 1 / Issue 1

Issue One Highlights:

Bead Fishing In Alaska
Yellowstone Trout Streams
Challenge on the Situk
The Skagit River
K.I.S.S. Steelheaders