December 31, 2008

Bill Cosby - Trout Terminator?

Was doing random Google searches this afternoon and stumbled upon this headline in Google News, courtesy of the AP.

Without reading the article, I figured either Dr. William H. Cosby was the researcher here, or perhaps there was a massive Jell-O spill somewhere.
If it was the latter, I'd certainly volunteer to part of that clean-up crew. Unfortunately, it was really about eliminating lake trout from Yellowstone Park because they were beating down the native Cutthroats. Beloved Jell-O as an instrument of death...who would have thunk it?

December 28, 2008

How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!!!

I really have nothing else to say. I don't even care that the Eagles made the playoffs (they have some serious flaws, if they advance in the playoffs it will be via extreme luck), I'm more excited that Dallas is out and Jerry Jones was there to watch his team fold. Forget about the QB controversy about Donovan McNabb...there should be one starting about "Mr. December" Tony Romo. He's the biggest choke artist since Latrell Sprewell lost it on P.J. Carlesimo.

December 26, 2008

Chicken Dance Christmas

So another Christmas has come and gone, yesterday was a long day, but it was very enjoyable to have family around.

Of course with Lilly being almost 3, she was rightfully the center of attention. I'm not sure if Christmas has unseated Halloween as her favorite holiday yet, but she had so much fun beginning and ending (of course) with presents. She made out like a bandit - scoring DVDs, lots of Disney Cars stuff, literally hundreds of "dress up" costumes, a doggie sleeping bag, and the stars of our show - the battery operated animatronic chorus (aka TMX Cookie Monster & some Duck that does the Chicken Dance?...go figure). They joined TMX Elmo for some "wonderful" acapella singing for most of the day.

December 24, 2008

December 19, 2008

Office Party: Aftermath

As I mentioned in my previous post, the office party was today. Lilly...well let's just say she didn't care for Santa. (Note: This is a scan of a Polaroid picture, not an attempt by me to make this photo look retro or artsy)

(Left to Right: Santa, K.C., Mike, Terrified Lilly)

December 18, 2008

Office Holiday Party

My office holiday party is tomorrow (Friday). I have to say, as far as those things go, my office usually has a good party. Santa & presents for the kids, beer & sweets for the adults, and a raffle at the end for some quality stuff. As great as that sounds, I do sometimes wish I worked in a smaller office where the holiday party was a bit less "corporate." Whatever...'tis the season of office holiday parties, which reminded me of Gob's party in Season 2 of Arrested Development (one of the best TV shows ever - bring it back, make a movie, something!!!) Enjoy, his speech is priceless.

December 15, 2008

Who Throws A Shoe?

In tribute to the recent "conflict" with our fearless leader W. in Iraq (if you've been living under a rock click here for the story - he's quick on his feet BTW), I felt the need to post a vintage Austin Powers clip.

December 14, 2008

Playing with Google Earth

I was goofing with Google Earth the other day and decided to make a map of the places that I fish regularly. I think it's more of a work in progress than a finished product, but I figured I'd post it. Come the spring/summer, odds are you'll find me one of these places on the weekend.
(You can navigate from spot to spot by clicking on the
"markers" down the left hand side of the page)

December 11, 2008

Spinner Blade Sounds

Was clicking around the Mepps website today during my lunch break and found this interesting article about what spinners sound like underwater. Pretty cool stuff.

I think most sound like jackhammers. Add a few car horns honking in the background and you're in Center City Philadelphia. Warning, the XD at the end...turn down your volume. Sucker is a machine gun - Run for cover!

Now I know why fish strike at these things, they give them headaches.