November 22, 2008

Spinnin' Spinners

Time to talk spinners. And no, I ain't talkin bout dubs here yo.
With the really cold weather hitting this week in Eastern PA, think I'm going to start making some more inline spinners with my trusty Boggs Tacklemaker. That thing has been great so far. (You can click HERE to see one of my previous posts on this little widget). Will probably make more of my "Michelin Man" spinners, as they worked well for me this past season on both trout and bass. So in the spirit of giving, here is the "recipe" for the Michelin Man.

  • (1) 3" .026 Diameter Stainless Steel Wire Shaft
  • (1) Size 10 VMC 9617 Tiny Treble Hook
  • (1) Size 2 Brass French Blade
  • (1) Size 1 Polished Brass Easy Spin Clevis
  • (1) Polished Brass 0.03oz Conical Lure Body
  • (2) Size 1 Polished Brass Beads
  • (2) Size 2 Polished Brass Beads
  • (2) Size 3 Polished Brass Beads
  • (1) Boggs Tacklemaker (BTM)
  • Form and twist off a closed loop on one end of the shaft with the BTM
  • Begin sliding the rest of the componentry up the open end of the shaft
  • Loop the French Blade through the Clevis and slide on the shaft
  • Slide on beads - Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3 in ascending order
  • Finally slide on Conical Lure body
  • Take the open end of wire and form an open loop with the BTM
  • Insert the hook in the open loop, re-insert into the BTM, and close the loop.
  • Voila! You're done. Bask in your new found glory.
(Note, all of the componentry listed above will create a simple one-tone brass colored spinner, feel free to mix & match metal bead colors using the same recipe to make tons of different variations)

Actually, that's a pretty crappy description on actually how to assemble, especially if you've never seen how a Boggs Tacklemaker works. So to compensate, here's a video lifted from the Boggs' site that shows the twisting in action. It also features a great "Cosby Show" soundtrack circa 1986. Hope this helps!

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