November 30, 2008

Lambada - Gratuitous Cheese

This has nothing to do with Fishing, Lilly, or even sports. This just has to do with about an hour of my life that K.C. & I will never get back. So we were flipping through the TV channels this afternoon and on one of the random channels in the 100s that we never watch, stumbled upon a gem of a 90's film called "Lambada." Here's the intense trailer.

So for all of you who don't remember the Lambada, it was some cheezy (supposed to be forbiddenly sexy) dance back in the day. What that has to do with some math teacher teaching inner-city high school kids geometry, I have no idea.

The main character was a Math teacher by day/Lambada dancer by night moron named Mr. Laird. However in the lambada circles was known as "Blade." Shabba Doo (can I possibly make that name up?) put in a top notch performance as Ramon - the stereotypical kid from the wrong side of the tracks who turns his life around. Believe it or not, "Jan" from "The Office" was in it as some sort of school student/lambada dancer/jailbait for her teacher character. Bet you won't find this listed on any of her film credits.

Unfortunately, we only caught the back half of the movie, so all of the carefully crafted plot lines were a bit blurry to the both of us...but I'll tell you what wasn't - the style. Jan was rockin' spandex & leather, and several choice short hair-dos. All of the guys had the prerequisite full fledged Swayze-Manes. I'd try to rehash the rest of the storyline, but I'm still scratching my head trying to put 2+2 together (evidently Blade was not my math teacher). In the end though, Blade's kid's defeated the rich prep-school kids in a Math throwdown to save his job, and lambada dancing quickly ensued in the streets. Awesome.

Oh, and if by any chance anybody reading this actually did see this movie before, I've got one final image for you. Yeah, you know what it means...

November 29, 2008

Stony Creek - 11/29/08

So, word on the street was that the Stony Creek Anglers were doing some trout stocking of Stony & Kepner Creeks on Black Friday. Word was true, but unfortunately I was working on Black Friday (oh, the perils of internet retail), so I didn't get a chance to check it out. Plus Lilly has developed a case of the croup, so needed to get home as soon after work as possible to help hold down the fort.

That being said, I did decide to give it a go this (Saturday) morning. Lilly was up all night coughing, so I didn't get much good sleep on Friday night getting up to comfort her and put her back down. I can't really complain though because she's been so miserable with the constant coughing...what a trooper. Anyway, because of that I didn't get as early a start as I wanted to and by the time I got to Stony Creek, most of the good holes were already manned.

I did manage a little fishing, but came up zeros on this brisk 30-degree morning. I don't feel that bad about it though, it was nice to get away from the hustle & bustle of holiday retail for a change and just enjoy the sounds of the riffles breaking around my waders. Plus I did take some (poor) pictures of some Golden Rainbow Trout. Some tough glare so all you can really make out is the silhouettes. Some people call them Palominos, but they actually are golden rainbows. There were two of them kinda hanging out with each other the whole time - where ever the big one went - the little one followed. It was kind of fun just watching them for a little bit even though I wasn't doing much fishing. Also took a quick movie below.

November 22, 2008

Spinnin' Spinners

Time to talk spinners. And no, I ain't talkin bout dubs here yo.
With the really cold weather hitting this week in Eastern PA, think I'm going to start making some more inline spinners with my trusty Boggs Tacklemaker. That thing has been great so far. (You can click HERE to see one of my previous posts on this little widget). Will probably make more of my "Michelin Man" spinners, as they worked well for me this past season on both trout and bass. So in the spirit of giving, here is the "recipe" for the Michelin Man.

  • (1) 3" .026 Diameter Stainless Steel Wire Shaft
  • (1) Size 10 VMC 9617 Tiny Treble Hook
  • (1) Size 2 Brass French Blade
  • (1) Size 1 Polished Brass Easy Spin Clevis
  • (1) Polished Brass 0.03oz Conical Lure Body
  • (2) Size 1 Polished Brass Beads
  • (2) Size 2 Polished Brass Beads
  • (2) Size 3 Polished Brass Beads
  • (1) Boggs Tacklemaker (BTM)
  • Form and twist off a closed loop on one end of the shaft with the BTM
  • Begin sliding the rest of the componentry up the open end of the shaft
  • Loop the French Blade through the Clevis and slide on the shaft
  • Slide on beads - Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3 in ascending order
  • Finally slide on Conical Lure body
  • Take the open end of wire and form an open loop with the BTM
  • Insert the hook in the open loop, re-insert into the BTM, and close the loop.
  • Voila! You're done. Bask in your new found glory.
(Note, all of the componentry listed above will create a simple one-tone brass colored spinner, feel free to mix & match metal bead colors using the same recipe to make tons of different variations)

Actually, that's a pretty crappy description on actually how to assemble, especially if you've never seen how a Boggs Tacklemaker works. So to compensate, here's a video lifted from the Boggs' site that shows the twisting in action. It also features a great "Cosby Show" soundtrack circa 1986. Hope this helps!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Oh, today was finally the big day!!! After months of anticipation (we bought the tickets in May), Playhouse Disney Live! presents Mickey Mouse Clubhouse finally made it to Philadelphia. And guess what lucky girl got to, not Grandmom (although she went too)...Lilly, of course!

For anybody that has ever been to one of these before - God Bless You! Seriously though, it wasn't too bad. There were only about 3 or 4,000 people there, and most of the kids were really well behaved. Didn't see that one coming! Besides the over-the-top, lip synched performances out of Mickey, Pooh Bear, Handy Manny & Friends, the thing I found the most humorous was the stadium "beer guys" walking around with trays of Sippy Cups instead of cold Coors Light. Pretty funny stuff. I tried to snap a photo, but the indoor lighting did not make it easy.

I guess what was most important was that Lilly had a great time. She followed along and sang all of the songs, including the timeless "Tweet Tweet, Ribbit Ribbit, Buzz Buzz, Woooooo!" extremely well, danced, cheered, and of course would not leave the arena without an overpriced trinket. $20 for a Little Einsteins Magic Wand (aka Flashlight) though? I guess a small price to pay to see a BIG smile.

November 21, 2008

Albright Tackle Clearance

The folks at Albright Tackle are NUTZ! Look, I don't know if this gear is junk or what, but at these prices...WHO CARES? You can't go to Wally World and buy stuff this cheap.

They are evidently making like a car dealership and having their end of season clearance - everything must go to make room for the '09s - and I couldn't help myself.

I picked up a Bugatti reel (list $69) for $20, and even better, a 8' GP rod (list $125) for $37.50.

The rod came with a nice tube to boot, so I ended up with an outfit (less the fly line) for basically $60 plus shipping. Like I said before, it's not Scottish, so it's probably CRAP, but whatever, I'm no "name brand" gear snob anyway. If it works, it works for me.

Orvis Warehouse Sale

Today I thought I'd go check out the Orvis "Warehouse Sale" at the King of Prussia Convention Center. They were advertising up to 70% off deals, so what does it hurt to look?

Unfortunately, it was being held side-by-side with a Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale that was mobbed by throngs of crazy women. No joke. There was a staging area before you could go into the LP sale with one of those snake lines that looked like the line to get on at roller coaster at Great Adventure in the middle of July. Had to be at least 500 women waiting in line - all with an unsettling, crazed look in their eyes. It's was as if Oprah was behind the curtain waiting to bestow some of her "favorite things" upon the masses. Anyway, there was no line to enter the Orvis half of the floor, so no worries there.

So once inside, there were some good deals, and some not so good deals to be had. If you like their clothes, I didn't think the deals were all that good. Most clothing was advertised as 50% off original, but when you saw some of the original pricing, just seemed out of whack. Quick example...a pair of Crocs (why Orvis has these, I'm not sure), were "listed" at $70, meaning you could have them for a "steal" at $35. Sorry, that's a crappy deal. Plus, in my opinion, most of their clothes are butt-ugly anyway (see right), so it was a bit of waste in that regard. I did see a nice shell jacket (see below) that "listed" at $150. I'd pay $50 for it, but not sure about $75, so no jacket for me (yet). There were a few good deals on fishing stuff. Reel cases for $5. Fly Boxes for $5. Silver Label Fly line (list $45) for $5. The only problem, as expected, was there were no good sizes available. I wanted to get some fly line, but all of the weights were really heavy, like 7 & 8 weight and up, and I wanted 5. Oh well... I think I'm going to go back again on Sunday and see what they have leftover. Maybe they'll relax their prices a bit on the last day. Yeah, Sunday sounds like a plan, it's not like the E-A-G-L-E-S game is going to be interesting anyway...

November 10, 2008

I Landed A Net Today

I've been wanting to get a landing net for a while now. Usually I don't use one - for the most part I practice catch & release and handling the fish with my wet hands suffices. That being said, last season there were a few feisty fish that I probably could have corralled and got back into the water quicker with a landing net. After shopping around for an affordable net handmade in the U.S.A., I found Stevens Nets. Bingo!

Upon my net's arrival this afternoon, couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Here's a few shots of the net, and my (lack of) photography skills do not do it justice. The wood is beautifully finished, I'd say even furniture quality, and the rubber catch & release bag is ideal for my needs (click on the image to enlarge).

November 9, 2008

New Design - Troutrageous Ink

I was toying around with a new t-shirt design on Friday night, and I decided I wanted to do something along the lines of tattoo art. I really like the retro sailor tattoos, (I'm not talking about Popeye anchors, more like pinups, skull & crossbones, etc...) Hence, my newest scribble which I'm calling for now "Troutrageous Ink"
This design is now available on all sorts of t-shirts and accessories in the store.

November 2, 2008