October 25, 2008

Other Blogs...yeah, they're good too...

Blogger created this new widget where you can list what Blogs you like to read, and stream in the latest post. If you scroll down the right hand column of this page, you'll find it on the bottom right. I highlighted a few of my own favorites.

The first (of course) is my wife K.C.'s Diaper Bag Wrangler, who started blogging to support her business, but recently had diverged and now detailing her journey through breast cancer in a way only she can. Her unique sense of humor and positive attitude has been remarkable and something I can never find the words to effectively compliment.

Two others are from fellow anglers I've run into over the past year and a half. BackWoods Sportsman Outdoors features a lot from New England, but also speaks to fishermen everywhere with great content on fishing technique and strategy. The Stream of Time is also excellent and is written by Len, a trout guide in Wisconsin. Len writes some great stories not only from his current endeavors, but from his past as well. Not to mention he is one of the better nature photographers I've seen in a while.

Finally, Field & Stream has added a relatively new fishing blog called The Honest Angler with contributions from John Merwin & Joe Cermele. It's updated regularly and a really good read, especially if you sometimes enjoy an off-center view on fishing. The authors not only post some informative & humorous articles, but interact with the readers as well. One of my wise-ass comments actually got mentioned in one of the recent posts regarding a lure giveaway.

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