October 19, 2008

Hoy Park - Cold!!!

This morning I thought I'd give Hoy Park in Collegeville a try. Hoy is this small little park at the intersection of the Skippack & Perkiomen Creeks. There's a boat launch for kayaks or canoes, and some spots to fish in and around. I hadn't fished Hoy Park since the summer, (before we found out about K.C.'s cancer), but I had caught my fair share of bass (& even some holdover trout) bank fishing from the bottom of a small bluff.

The circumstances were kinda funny the last time I was there, maybe in early August. I packed all of my normal gear, but I guess forgot my small tackle box...so I fished the entire morning using one homemade inline spinner. If that sucker got snagged and broke off, I was screwed, but luckily it didn't and I brought in 4 bass. My camera was in my tackle box, so no pics that day either. Oh well.

Drop dead sexy

So I rolled into Hoy this morning about 8AM, and it's cooold. The thermometer in the car read 35 degrees...I guess it isn't summer anymore. To compound that, today wasn't considered a "good" day to fish. I redeemed some bonus points I had collected on my one credit card for a free fishing watch. I wanted it b/c it is waterproof, but it also tells you if the fish are going to be active based on your longitude and the moon phase (or some nonsense like that)- and spits out a rating from 0 to 4 fish. Well today was a 0 fish day.

So Hoy's changed since last I was there. That bluff I used to fish from the bottom...well there's now a small fishing pier there. That's a nice add. 

Anyway, to the fishing. I figured since it was so chilly, would have to fish slow, so I worked some senkos slooooowly along the bottom for about an hour and a half, but really didn't have much luck. Got skunked actually. I would have stayed longer, but I really didn't dress too good for the cold, and my fingers were beginning to get numb so I bolted for warmth and sunday afternoon football. Win some and you lose some. This one was a loss, but I'll be back!

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  1. I went to Hoy Park yesterday, 3-May-14. The fishing pier was closed. Looks like it sustained damage from the storm that came through on 30-Apr-14. I hope they can fix it without too much disruption to the fishing in the area.