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Well Put Chase

The parade was today...need I say more?

Did That Just Happen?!?!?!


I'm 31 years old. The last time a Philly team won a title was 1983 when I was 6. Yes, I was alive, but definitely more interested in Smurfs and Star Wars than the 76ers.

Between the Flyers running into the Gretzky-Messier-Coffey Oilers dynasty in the late 80's, Joe Carter's walk off HR in '93, the 76ers getting wrecked by Shaq & Kobe in 5 games, and too many painful NFC title game losses (not to mention a lack of awareness that there were only 5 minutes left in the Super Bowl) out of the 'Birds, I figured Philadelphia was just snakebitten. Then out of the blue, 2008...the Phillies...WTF?!?

Well the demons are gone. FINALLY! I'm so happy, I don't even know how to handle this. As a die-hard sports fan, it's easily the 3rd best day of my life. #1 & 2 - Birth of my daughter & Wedding Day. Perhaps if I catch a monster trout the size of my arm (someday) that will jump up on the list, but until then...


Maybe …

Other Blogs...yeah, they're good too...

Blogger created this new widget where you can list what Blogs you like to read, and stream in the latest post. If you scroll down the right hand column of this page, you'll find it on the bottom right. I highlighted a few of my own favorites.

The first (of course) is my wife K.C.'s Diaper Bag Wrangler, who started blogging to support her business, but recently had diverged and now detailing her journey through breast cancer in a way only she can. Her unique sense of humor and positive attitude has been remarkable and something I can never find the words to effectively compliment.

Two others are from fellow anglers I've run into over the past year and a half. BackWoods Sportsman Outdoors features a lot from New England, but also speaks to fishermen everywhere with great content on fishing technique and strategy. The Stream of Time is also excellent and is written by Len, a trout guide in Wisconsin. Len writes some great stories not only from his current endeavors, but…

Hoy Park - Cold!!!

This morning I thought I'd give Hoy Park in Collegeville a try. Hoy is this small little park at the intersection of the Skippack & Perkiomen Creeks. There's a boat launch for kayaks or canoes, and some spots to fish in and around. I hadn't fished Hoy Park since the summer, (before we found out about K.C.'s cancer), but I had caught my fair share of bass (& even some holdover trout) bank fishing from the bottom of a small bluff.

The circumstances were kinda funny the last time I was there, maybe in early August. I packed all of my normal gear, but I guess forgot my small tackle I fished the entire morning using one homemade inline spinner. If that sucker got snagged and broke off, I was screwed, but luckily it didn't and I brought in 4 bass. My camera was in my tackle box, so no pics that day either. Oh well.

So I rolled into Hoy this morning about 8AM, and it's cooold. The thermometer in the car read 35 degrees...I guess it isn't su…

All Wet!

Today's mission - Ridley Creek.

It was stocked with some rainbows earlier in the week, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was a brisk, but nice morning, and the sunrise over the trees was absolutely beautiful. Got there around 7:45 AM, and hiked the trail to the section that is not "fly-fishing only". There were tons of fly fishermen already there in very close quarters - the crowd looked almost like it was opening day.

So hiked in from the Dam about 100 yards and found a spot to cast from the bank. I was doing fine, no issues, but I noticed a spot across the creek that looked too good to pass up. Saw a couple "rises" around a submerged tree branch, but just couldn't reach with my tackle. So I decided to come off the bank and wade over...BAD IDEA!!!

Took two steps off the bank onto what looked like solid ground - nope - SQUISH - big mud hole. Well, was only wearing hip waders, and now I was over my belly button in freezing cold water. Made my wa…