July 12, 2008

Back to Boca

K.C., Lilly, & I made a brief stop in Boca again at the end of June for K.C.'s brother's wedding. While we were down there it rained almost every day, so didn't get to do too much outside. Took Lilly to the beach one day, and then went swimming in the pool a few others. K.C. & I did get to see that Indiana Jones movie with mixed reviews I'm sorry to say. Anyway, didn't spend much time fishing in the canal either - K.C. was killing the fish (with her patented "bit-o-bagel") that were hitting though. We didn't know what they were until we got home, but I found out they are Mayan Cichlids. We had caught some before on previous trips, but none were ever this big. Let me tell you these suckers put up a fight on light tackle! I thought a few were going to snap K.C.'s Zebco in half. Here's a few pics, as well as an link with a good explanation of what a Mayan Cichlid is.

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