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Acadia Sports Rod Testing

So I (along with about a dozen others) was selected in conjunction with to be a prototype rod tester for Acadia Sports' new line of rods. It's a neat opportunity to try out a product, give honest feedback, BEFORE it goes to market. I have my own thread at WhereIFish where I'll be posting my feedback and the initial review is below.

Initial Impressions: So finally have the time to make my first quote on my initial impressions. I was sent a RMS-601-MH 6' MH Spinning Rod. Being a trout guy, this is a little stiffer rod than I'm accustomed to using, but by the end of this test period, maybe I'll become a bass fisherman.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the rod came quick. And I've got to say it came packaged in a "bulletproof" cardboard mailing tube. I've ordered some rods on the internet before, many coming loosely in an oversized cardboard box. Sure, they got there OK, but this packaging gives me no doubt that any ro…