May 7, 2008

Indians 5, Yankees 3

Last night adidas let a group of us from work use their luxury box & field box at Yankee Stadium (they are an official sponsor of the Yankees). I'll preface this by saying I'm a Phillies fan who hates the Yankees - but who can pass that up? Especially now since the place is getting torn down after this year. Anyway, game was good, the Tribe won which I liked. Joba Chamberlain got lit up with deeeeeep home run by David Dellucci in the 8th. Thought I'd share some pics I took at the game with my BlackBerry (excuse the picture quality). Field seats were on the 3rd base line - so it was a shame A-Rod was out with an injury, could have expressed my "affection" towards him. It's just not the same heckling Wilson Betemit or whatever his name is???

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