May 7, 2008

Indians 5, Yankees 3

Last night adidas let a group of us from work use their luxury box & field box at Yankee Stadium (they are an official sponsor of the Yankees). I'll preface this by saying I'm a Phillies fan who hates the Yankees - but who can pass that up? Especially now since the place is getting torn down after this year. Anyway, game was good, the Tribe won which I liked. Joba Chamberlain got lit up with deeeeeep home run by David Dellucci in the 8th. Thought I'd share some pics I took at the game with my BlackBerry (excuse the picture quality). Field seats were on the 3rd base line - so it was a shame A-Rod was out with an injury, could have expressed my "affection" towards him. It's just not the same heckling Wilson Betemit or whatever his name is???

May 5, 2008

May 4th - Darby Creek

Well, hit the Darby Creek again today, had heard it was re-stocked on Friday so figured I'd take a peek.

Weather was cool, but not cold, probably about 55 degrees and overcast. Actually it was quite foggy when I arrived at 7:15 AM, but by the time I left around noon the clouds had burned off, and it was warm and sunny, in the mid 60s.

If Darby Creek was stocked two days ago, didn't find very many large trout - unless somebody else beat me to them. Water was extremely clear today, so I was able see a bunch of small guys just doing some scouting from the bank. I picked up some Wyld Edge Outfitters Bezerkers (inilne spinners) this past week, so tried them out as the "lure du jour" and was fairly successful. Caught (& released) more than my share for the morning.

Snapped a quick pic of one of the larger trout (above), with the Bezerker still in mouth.

Like I said, today's haul was mostly small guys, and maybe two or three about 11 or 12" long. Still looking for this year's "Troutzilla."