Opening Day For Trout

March 31st was the opening day of Trout season in SE Pennsylvania. Hit Darby Creek in Delaware County with Len, MJM III, & Cuz. It always makes for a good excuse to get together and see each other again.

It was a brisk 35 degrees - certainly not freezing - but not too warm either when you're wading in waist high water. Anyway, fishing started at 8AM, and we all saw some nice action. I stuck to using inline spinners (Mepps XDs, Fish Creek Armadillos, & Weaver Lures), while my buddies varied their approach on the more "natural side"; corn, wax worms, etc...

A good time was had by all, we talked about old times and for the most part caught our limits but alas, forgot to bring my camera so no pics this time. Probably for the better - none of us caught any trophies, but a handful of nice chunky 'bows were thrown in the makeshift Boathouse "creel" for MJM's freezer. It's the only day of the season I keep them, after opening day, they all go back in the water for others to enjoy.


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