April 15, 2008

April 13th, 2008 - Darby Creek (Again)

Well two weeks ago (April 5th) I did some fishing in Skippack Creek & Stony Creek, but didn't have much luck - so this past weekend I hit Darby Creek again. To my surprise, not a whole lot of folks on the creek. I suppose since the "opening" of the season was two weeks ago, traffic on the water has somewhat died down.

Was great just to get out for a few hours, enjoy some peace and quiet on the water, and not have to worry about getting in somebody else's way. I waded approximately 150-200 yards of the creek, slowly working the transitions - focused on still pools of water & areas downstream of riffles. Tossed inline spinners on ultralight tackle, working across & with current. I tried out a new lure that I picked up at Cabela's the day before, a Joe's Flies "Joe's Special" spinner w/ gold blade and found it to be very productive.

In all, it was a pretty good morning, a little on the cold side (45 degrees & overcast), and I only really fished for about 2 & a half hours but reeled in (& released) about a half dozen trout.

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