January 19, 2008

2008 Philadelphia Sportsmen's Show

Lilly & Daddy got out of the house today (so Mommy could clean it for her Open House this weekend!) and went to the Philadelphia Sportsmen's Show in Valley Forge.There was all kinds of stuff to look at - Live (& stuffed) animals, fly fishing exhibitions, charter boat and hunting guides, tackle manufacturers, Toyota trucks, a Trout Pool, and did I mention LIVE ANIMALS!

Lilly had a blast looking at the giant Red Deer from Rolling Hills Deer Farm. She was a little unsure about all of the taxidermy, but I think thought some of the ducks were neat. There was also a "Wild World of Animals" show, and Lilly got up close and personal with Toads, Turtles, Foxes, & Skunks. She especially liked the Alligator, and thought the Snake was funny.
Daddy had a good time too. He came away with some fishing lures from Weaver Lure Co. in Allentown, as well as some Doggie Treats for Caesar from Annie's Pooch Pops.

January 6, 2008

Gumbo Limbo Park

Before we left Florida, Mommy, Mom-Mom & I took Lilly to Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex in Boca Raton. Gumbo Limbo is a part of Red Reef Park that has been preserved to show what the vegetation looked like prior to settlement. There are also labs on site where FAU takes care of and studies the wildlife. There is a thick, lush tropical forest canopy, which a boardwalk snakes it's way through. Lilly loved running around the boardwalk, and we had a real tough time keeping up. There's an observation tower that we climbed and viewed the Ocean on one side and the Intercoastal Waterway and Mangroves on the other. Back down on the ground, Lilly wanted to run right into the water! The highlight of the visit had to be the large holding tanks with all types of native fish and wildlife inside. Lilly saw rays, nurse sharks, a GIANT lobster, starfish, all kinds of fish, and turtles. She had so much fun, she didn't want to leave. Before we did leave, we also checked out the butterfly garden. It was a bit chilly that week, so there weren't many butterflies, but a few fluttered by to keep us all entertained.

Kansas Jayhawks 24, Virginia Tech Hokies 21

Just got back from COLD Miami after going to the 2008 Orange Bowl to see K.C.'s alma mater, KU, beat down Virginia Tech. K.C., Dr. Gary, & I all went to the game and after navigating through the sea of tailgaters, we found we had excellent seats in the KU student/alumni section in the 400 level behind the KU end zone. The game was technically sold out, but I suppose either the cold or excessive pre-game drinking kept some fans away, as there were some empty seats around us. Despite the chilly & rainy conditions, the game was great - a lot of action (with the exception of the 3rd quarter), some great trick plays including a fake punt and a reverse on a punt return which lead to a VT touchdown. I will say there was far too much ZZ Top during halftime (who knew they were still around?). But in the end the desired outcome, a Kansas victory took place, and all were happy in KU Blue. In all it was a ton of fun and we all had a good time.

Click HERE check out some of the photos I took from the game.