November 13, 2007

Spinner Maker

So, it's getting cold out, and I'm getting stir crazy when it comes to fishing. I just want to buy stuff I know I won't be able to use until spring. I've been unsuccessfully bidding on U.S. Reel 230sx Supercaster Reels for about 3 weeks on eBay. Won't pay more than $80 (okay, maybe $85) for the $149.99 retail item. Anyway, like I said before, I've been getting itchy for fishin', so I decided I would at least attempt to try to make my own spinners. Unfortunately, I have the wire and hooks, but not the blades, bodies, or beads yet. So in the meantime, I fashioned my first spinner out of a Bud Light bottle cap and some split shot weights. Sure, this sucker will probably sink right away being that it's made from weights, but I'll swap out the weights for beads later (when I get some).

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