November 17, 2007

Fish Creek Spinners

In my last post, I mentioned how I was playing around with making my own spinners...well, I'm still trying that, actually bought an inexpensive wire former on eBay. Results are crude to say the least, but it keeps me out of trouble.
Even better, I found these folks out in Colorado called Fish Creek Spinners that make beautiful spinners - and get this - they're reasonably priced as well. My picture doesn't really do them justice. Check 'em out, they ship quick, are extremely friendly, and they're made of top quality components. Even come in these neat little tubes you could toss in your fishing vest, jacket, or heck, even glovebox. I posted their link in my links section towards the bottom of this blog, but here it is again anyway, if you want to check them out yourself.

November 13, 2007

Spinner Maker

So, it's getting cold out, and I'm getting stir crazy when it comes to fishing. I just want to buy stuff I know I won't be able to use until spring. I've been unsuccessfully bidding on U.S. Reel 230sx Supercaster Reels for about 3 weeks on eBay. Won't pay more than $80 (okay, maybe $85) for the $149.99 retail item. Anyway, like I said before, I've been getting itchy for fishin', so I decided I would at least attempt to try to make my own spinners. Unfortunately, I have the wire and hooks, but not the blades, bodies, or beads yet. So in the meantime, I fashioned my first spinner out of a Bud Light bottle cap and some split shot weights. Sure, this sucker will probably sink right away being that it's made from weights, but I'll swap out the weights for beads later (when I get some).