July 17, 2007

July Update - No New News!!!

Nothing really new to write. Spending most weekends busy being a husband and Dad. Fishing taking a backseat to running errands and taking care of Lilly while K.C. launches her Diaper Bag Wrangler empire. At least I've memorized the theme to Dora the Explorer and Wonder Pets. That's a life skill in itself.

Unpacking everything in the new house came across this vintage pic of K.C. out fishing with her Grandpa, with what appears like a Weakfish. Since I'm not doing any fishing these days, might as well post something.

Oh, and I did buy a bunch of new Mepps Spinners & Spoons last week. Planning on giving them a try next time I get out. Especially want to see how the XD spinner compares to my Panther Martins. Will make sure to write a bit when I have the results.

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